About Emaho

Chupas for the next generation…

Emaho was founded by two Swiss based young Tibetan women with the motivation to create chupas (traditional Tibetan dresses) for babies and toddlers. The aim was to provide an alternative to some of the existing, yet hard to find childern’s chupas which tend to be not very convenient and uncomfortable for the little ones.

The concept was to develop traditional chupas with a fresh and edgy twist. Emaho chupas are designed in Switzerland and made in India – with a lot of love and passion for Tibetan culture. It is a project dedicated to our children, the next generation.

 …and more

 As we started creating chupas for our little ones, we realized that there was so much more we could contribute to preserve and further develop Tibetan culture for our children and us.

Therefore we created the Emaho loves page, a platform featuring Tibetan children’s products which we love. We also initiated a Playgroup to stimulate exchange between Tibetan children as well as parents. And lastly (for now), we recorded some classic Tibetan short stories for children and their parents (English translation available in written) – of course always with a good old moral of the story ;-)

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Dedicated to Matthieu Häuslein:
Who designed the first Chupa for Emaho,
believed in us and motivated us to keep on going.
10.01.1984 – 21.10.2014


We would like to thank our dear friends and relatives, who actively helped us to make Emaho evolve from a small idea to reality: Achang Tempa, Dechen Pemba, Dondup Shelkar, Gyentsen Zatul, Joel Audren, Karma Emchi, Kelsang Gope, Kesdoma Zatul, Lobsang Zatul, Manolo Cabrera, Marcel Weber, Martin Brauen, Rinzen Deshar, Sonam Brauen, Tenla Gope, Tsewang Gope and Yonten Gope. Without you none of this would have been possible. Tutsche-tsche!


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