Tibetan Short Stories

As we all know, language is an inseparable part of any culture. In order to pass our Tibetan culture to the next generation, it is therefore important to teach the little ones the Tibetan language from an early age. What better and more playful way than telling them short stories? We asked the older generation about Tibetan children's stories and collected them to publish it here. To guarantee correct pronounciation and learn from the best, we invite people with that "nice Tibetan" to read the stories and upload them here on a regular basis.

All stories translated by Dechen Pemba and recorded by Joel Audren with the voice of Lobsang Zatul.  

1. The rabbit and the lion

This story is about a fearful rabbit and a brave lion. It is read by our kind and gifted friend "Shapaley" Karma Emchi. Enjoy!

2. Shepherd Pemba

This is a story about a shepherd who cried wolf for fun.

3. The two ducks and the tortoise

This is a story about two ducks and a tortoise - some being more selfish than others.

4. Mola and the hen

This is a story about an old lady who wanted too much.

5. The greedy dog

This is a story about a dog who wanted more than he already had.